lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

s: good morning
l: good morning
s: sit down please
l: thank you
s: I introduce myself, my name is susana rivas and you should be Luis Alberto Salazar.
l: yes, I am
s: this interview, you will already know, it has for objective selecting qualified personnel in sales and industry for our company Rockwell Automation.
How did you know about the employment?
l: I found it out in the newspaper
s: Well then start you have some track or activities in social relationships?
l: of course, I act during six years in positions and in international companies that required of a lot of skill in the treatment with people.
s: the company is looking for an electric or civil engineer with one hundred percent of availability . Do you fulfill this requirement?
l: yes, absolutely. At this time I am not working, because I arrive three months ago from Canadá , where I acted as manager of CLEI and now I plan to stay in Chile.
s: Would you have any impediment to travel when it is necessary?
l: No, because I don't have affective commitments neither children.
s: mmmmm, how well! Who do you live with?
l: I am living now with a friend in a department that both we rent and Who do you live with ?
s: I live alone. But don't let us move away from the theme Do you suffer of some chronic illness?
l: No, but I suffer of constant allergies in spring, which I control with medications and they don't affect my labor acting.
s: How do you prefer to work in team or alone?
l: In team, because this complements my work.
s: Do you possess some tools to carry out this work?
l: mmm Of what type of tools we are speaking? computers, vehicles, documents of information?
s: Yes.
l: aa!! okey. Yes, I have two computers, a jeep to and also a department in New York.
s: perfect. Here in their curriculum I do see that you have a wide labor experience in very high positions in which of these positions Do you feel more comfortable?
l: I believe that when I work as international coordinator of computer science and electric because I could be related with people and so to extend my knowledge in the theme.
s: Finally , why do you believe that you are the best candidate for this position?
l: because I have experience and I am single without engagement.
s : just then we go out

martes, 18 de enero de 2011

welcome to my blog

in this blog i'm going to post my homework, i'm now in the second level of english.

hello my name is oscar dominguez i do not have nickname, i live in ojeda city i'm going to be a lawyer, my favorite sport is  swimming, i'm  17 years old, if you want call me my phone number is 005rriente xd..

my favorite music is house or techno,i like go to the party in the night, my dream is travel to ibiza because is so good, i would like learn to speak english and french.

thanks for your visit.

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